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  • Due dates & deadlines for special offerings are now automatically controlled!
  • Payments can be made the following ways: sending a check (preferred), calling to make a credit card payment, or using the customer portal (log in here).
  • You can now pay online, view details about your schedule programs, and more through the Customer Portal!  
  • Prepay Discounts Expire!!  If you have not made your payment IN FULL by the listed “Prepay” due date, you will default to “Pay Per Application” without an additional discount.  Please contact the office with any questions or concerns.  *If your first application has already occured, you will need to make your prepayment over the phone or by check ONLY.*
  • Pay-per-application customers are automatically removed from routing after 30 days delinquent with a late fee.  They are then automatically sent to Collections after 60 days delinquent with a late fee.  

    We will not route you for your next application without a payment!  Please make your payments on-time so your services are not delayed!


Again, we thank you for your continued support during these difficult times, both inside & outside of our industry. 
Looking forward to seeing you soon!