Customer Assistant Website

The Customer Assistant Website allows your customers to access information about their services, billing, and other information. This site interacts with Service Assistant via data syncs between our web server and your system.

The Customer Assistant Website is the perfect addition for any business. This product will bring your business online and provide your customers with an easy, convenient way to handle all aspects of their account. Provide your customers with seasonal maintenance tips, upsell services and show account details all in one place with a Customer Assistant Website.

 A Customer Assistant Website will allow your customers to:

  • Make secure, online payments
  • Auto Pay
  • Purchase additional services
  • Request estimates and service calls
  • View payment & service history
  • Get maintenance tips
  • Refer Friends & Neighbors
  • Benefits of a Customer Assistant Website:
  • Reduce phone calls, by allowing customers to work online
  • Reduce receivables with auto pay and past due reminders
  • 24/7 availability will improve customer service and retention
  • Daily synchronization of data keeps your system and data up to date
  • Another way for your customers to contact you
  • Generates sales with web promotions and upsell offers