Kemko hears you!

We have heard your feedback to be more waste-conscious and help reduce the paper clutter in your life, so we are moving towards a paperless service!  Soon, you'll get your service invoices by email and you can even make your payment directly from the enclosed link. We are doing our best to update our practices with the changing times and greatly appreciate your patience as we explore new options to offer you.

Enroll in AutoPay!

Want one less thing to worry about? Then AutoPay is for you! Kemko will process your same-day payment automatically so you can avoid late fees and never worry about missing a payment. Call the office at 770-466-6113 to find out more.

Or take advantage of savings and PrePay for the year! We offer a 5% discount when you PrePay for your scheduled services. Follow the "PrePay" prompts to pay online or give us a call if you have additional questions.


 Thank for you for choosing Kemko for your lawn care needs!


Ready to receive texts as soon as they're available? Make sure you opt-in by updating your "communication preferences" in your profile. That way, when text prenotifications become available, you're already enrolled!