WELCOME TO MODERN LAWN CARE!  Here is a list of services that we provide:

Fertilizer Program: Proper fertilization is one of the essentials for a healthy lawn.  We recommend our 6 applications "Full Care" Program for best results on your lawn.

Organic Fertilizer Program: Organic fertilizers come from plant and animal matter.  Our organic fertilization program is 100% pesticide free meaning no weed or insect controls are used on your lawn.  This means your lawn may be susceptible to weeds.  Weeds are simply a part of 100% organic programs.  If you want the benefits of an organic program but not the weeds, we can customize a hybrid program for you by using minimal weed control once in the late spring.  This will not eliminate every weed but will help to reduce weed populations. 

Grub Control: Grubs are the larvae forms of different types of beetles that live to eat the roots of your grass and can cause serious damage to your lawn in a short amount of time.  Protect your lawn against damaging grubs by scheduling a yearly grub control today.

Core Aeration: Few processes can benefit your lawn as much as a core aeration.  This process can not only save you money on your watering bills, it can also help you to get more out of your fertilization program.  This process is only needed once a year and the benefits can be seen all year long.  The benefits are not immediate but are steady throughout the entire growing season. 

Perimeter Sprays: Put an Insect Barrier around your homes foundation

Other Services Offered: Surface Insecticide, Sprinkler System Winterization, Tree and Shrub Program, and a Mole Baiting Program.