Seed Care and Guarantee

Aerating and Seeding is an essential part of achieving and maintaining a thick, healthy lawn.    To get great results please follow the important instructions below:

Care Instructions:

Watering: Water your lawn daily for 3 weeks to promote germination and establish the new roots. One watering in the morning of 15 minutes per area is usually adequate to maintain moisture for newly germinating seed. Adjust your schedule accordingly for extremely warm days or rain. Following the 3- week period, watering should continue as needed to avoid stress.

Mowing: Mowing can resume as needed however it should be done carefully to avoid damage to new seedlings. For best results always use good mowing practices with sharp blades, a minimum 4” height, avoid cutting wet grass and remove excess clippings.

Fertilizing: Once established, your new lawn will need regular care to stay green and healthy. Fertilizers or herbicides can impact the results of seed either poorly or positively. Please become one of our many Green Care Lawn Program customers to get the best possible results.

Fall Seeding Service Guarantee

On The Green, Inc. guarantees* seed will germinate and grow in all areas serviced to customers that follow the above listed Care Instructions. If after 4 weeks of care, areas have failed to germinate and fill in as expected, please contact our office so that we may inspect the lawn and over-seed any problem areas at no charge to ensure uniform turf density.

*Our Guaranteed Policy does not apply to washout from heavy rain or lawns that were not watered according to the care instructions. Due to the potential of negative effects of certain applied products on seed we do not guarantee seed germination for customers using other products than those applied by On The Green, Inc.

Please notify On The Green, Inc. within 8 weeks of the seeding service for needed follow up. Seeding requests after the 8-week period will be subject to a service charge. Depending on the fall weather and timing, On The Green Inc. may hold requests for follow up seeding until February or Early March. Due to the potential heat or disease damage to spring seed, On The Green, Inc. does not provide a guarantee with Spring Seeding Services.