As a rule of thumb, if you are doing something, actually anything, to your lawn in any way, we need to know about it.

This communication helps us assure we are all on the same page to care for your investment. 

Here are some common situations we come across. 

  • Are you Seeding your lawn? We need to know about it. We always recommend seeding in the Fall but no matter what time of year you are seeding, we need to know about it so we can make notes in your account for the Technician to be aware. If we don't know, we cannot promise it will be seen prior to an application being performed and we want to make every effort to work with you ahead of time, making your lawn look great.
  • Are you Seeding in the Spring? We need to know about it. When you seed in the Spring and we are unable to apply, crabgrass pre-emergents to your lawn, it can cause a big issue when it comes to the topic of control. We understand that sometimes customers want/need to seed in the Spring but please understand that we cannot offer you free service calls for crabgrass throughout the year. Without crabgrass pre-emergents being applied at the appropriate time of year, the start of the season, post-emergent crabgrass controls that are used during the summer months have gone up in price. Therefore, if you perform a Spring Seeding and require crabgrass be sprayed later in the year, there will be a charge for each application.

More things to tell us:

For our Lawn Care customers, do you have a consistent/landscaper cutting schedule? Those customers that cut weekly on specified days, we may be able to work with you on that. We always ask for 2-3 consecutive days to schedule a service in case one of those days has an issue that we could not make it out to your property. For example, if your lawn gets cut on a Monday or a Tuesday, we could service your lawn on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday or if your lawn gets cut on a Thursday or a Friday, we could service your lawn on a Monday or Tuesday, but never before the lawn gets cut, unless you are not picking up the clippings after the cut. We like to know this ahead of time when scheduling so we can keep technicians in a route that is efficient for both of us. If you aren't sure if we have your cutting schedule on file, email us at to get that updated. If your landscaper happens to change their cutting schedule we ask that you hold them off when we schedule your service since we are on a 6-8 week schedule and your lawn gets cut weekly. If we get held, it could take a couple of weeks for us to return to your property depending on the time of year so please be patient with rescheduling.

Do you have an irrigation system? If so, we always ask that you mark the heads when we are scheduling a Core Aeration at your property. Any sort of stick or item you can think of is fine to use. Just makes it easier for the technician to see ahead of time.