Have you ever had your lawn aerated? What is a Core Aeration?

Core Aeration is the process of "pulling plugs" from the lawn. For many golfers, this is a familiar process that occurs 2-3 times a year in order to maintain the quality of the turf present throughout the golf course. Your lawn does not see the same foot traffic as a golf course! We recommend aerating your lawn yearly each fall; overseeding your lawn is just as important as fertilizing what is already present. 

 Aerating provides the following benefits to your lawn:

  1. loosens hard, compacted soil
  2. Stimulates deeper, healthier root growth
  3. Controls harmful thatch build-up 
  4. Increases water absorption & retention

Considering some seeding? FALL IS THE BEST TIME TO SEED LAWNS. Why? Your new seed will NOT have to compete with spring weed growth, and for our full program customers, we did not have to remove the crabgrass preventative from your spring treatments. If you have an established lawn an aeration with overseeding can rejuvenate your grass and increase turf density. If you have bare patches or need to fill in where you removed moss we highly recommend a slice-seeding. Reseeding areas that you currently see moss is a wonderful way to prevent its spread and even eradicate it; moss is often caused by poor soil pH, shade cover, and compacted soil.

DISCLAIMER: If you have an invisible fence, sprinkler system, or anything buried beneath the surface of your lawn (i.e. cable TV wires)--WE NEED TO KNOW! Serious damage will occur if we do not take special precautions--Perf-a-Lawn, Inc. & Perf-a-Lawn Pittsburgh, Inc. can not be held liable for damage done to property if we were not notified PRIOR to performing your aeration or aeration with overseeding. If you have any questions, please reach out. We cannot guarantee that your seed will germinate because we will not be the ones watering your lawn daily nor mowing the lawn. For optimum seeding results, do not mow for 2-3 weeks, water lightly 1-2 times each day; keep the seed moist until it germinates, then soak the baby grass intermittently, but heavily in order to encourage deep root growth.