Summer of Challenges - Fall Recovery Starts Next Month

This summer season has been quite eventful so far and August has just started!  We have experienced scorching 90 degree plus daytime temperatures throughout most of the month of July with several late afternoon showers and extreme high humidity.

Summer heat stress conditions, turf disease activity, insect damage and periods of limited rainfall has like almost every summer, thinned out most lawns.

The absolute best thing a homeowner can do for property improvement is to make plans to overseed your fescue lawn each and every fall season during September, October or even into early November.

SecureLawn has many customers that have small, irrigated lawns that have us do their Core Aeration and Seeding towards late August each year - you now it's because they want to get a jump on their neighbors!

Typically if you get your lawn core aerated and seeded by late October, you might be surprised how good everything starts looking by as early as Thanksgiving Day!

Like everything else these days, the cost of seed has gone up.  We won’t know the actual cost for another couple of weeks.  We will be notifying you via a letter along with an email with the actual cost.

SecureLawn will not only provide you with the most superior Turf Type Tall Fescue seed available, but also great value in our communication and workmanship that we provide for you to create the greatest results possible.

Now is the time to plan and budget for fall seeding.  We will be offering fall seeding prepayment discount options as well as installment options too.

Let’s talk turf and get you scheduled soon!