It’s Time to Enjoy the Outdoors Again.

Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes– All Summer Long!

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Mosquitoes can be quite a bother and ruin your outdoor BBQ! During the summer months, they thrive on biting you and your loved ones. While mosquito bites are an itchy irritation themselves, they are only “scratching” the surface (see what we did there? wink) of the trouble that mosquitoes can bring. They are also known to carry and spread diseases such as Encephalitis, Heartworms, Zika Virus, Malaria, Yellow Fever, and the West Nile Virus. But fear not, we can help keep you and your family safe!


With Top Turf's Mosquito Barrier Program, you can take back your outdoor area and control the mosquitoes on your property by creating a mosquito barrier with our 2-factor formula! First, our formula prevents eggs from maturing. Second, it wipes out any existing mosquitoes that are already present in your backyard and keeps new ones from flying in.

If you are worried about the mosquitoes that fly

in from your neighbor's yard...


Our program is so effective that mosquitoes don't stand a chance!

We keep your family, pets, and friends safe!

Go ahead – entertain, enjoy your yard, throw the BBQ of the summer without the disturbance of mosquitoes...

Top Turf has got you covered!